Owens Cycle Inc. offers qualified customers first-rate financing.  With a minimum down payment and approved credit, you can arrange Harley-Davidson Credit financing with us and get out on the road a few hours after picking out your bike.  There is no charge or commitment to find out if you qualify. 

We here at Owens Cycle Inc. understand your special needs.  Only someone who knows how you feel when you hit the starter button understands that hitting the road ASAP is your biggest concern.  That's why we make it easy.



The best motorcycle deserves the best protection. That's why you should choose the only factory-endorsed warranty plan available -- Harley-Davidson's Extended Service Plan -- to protect your new or used Harley®. Harley-Davidson's Extended Service Plan (ESP) covers your bike for up to five additional years beyond the two-year warranty on new motorcycles. It covers used bikes for up to five years. And the best part is that repair costs are "locked in." All you'll ever pay is the $50 deductible for covered repairs per visit, not per repair. Now that's a good deal.

Our Extended Service Plan also gives you something that's even more valuable than your bike -- peace of mind. The plan is fully transferable at no charge, protects your bike's value and includes reimbursement for pick-up, car rental, travel and lodging in event of a breakdown resulting in a covered repair. Just fix your bike at an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer, and you're covered.* So don't take a chance with one of your most valued possessions. In fact, we'll make it easy for you by including your ESP in your Harley-Davidson Credit loan. That way you only pay pennies a day, but you are protected by a plan that's priceless. Ask us about getting the Extended Service Plan for your new or used bike. Take action before your factory warranty expires. Unfortunately, you can't buy the Harley-Davidson Extended Service Plan after your factory warranty expires. *Restrictions apply: See actual contract for specific coverage, exclusions and restrictions.



Owens Cycle Inc. specializes in financing people who have had credit problems.  We have several programs to help you.  Just fill out the credit application to begin the process.  Due to a waiting period affixed to those turned down by other Harley-Davidson dealers, we encourage you to try your application with us first.

We are very good at this and don't mind giving it a try even if you view your chances as very low.  It doesn't cost anything and doesn't take much time to give it a shot.


Talk to Ray Shafer, Finance Manager about financing your bike with Harley-Davidson Credit and get out on the road today.  Stop by, email (, or give him a call at 509-575-1916.


General Manager: Duane Worrell (ext. 119)


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